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10 Nov 2013

So, back in business. Where was I? Here, almost 2 years ago, talking about upcoming alternatives to Flash. The blog got hacked and because I just couldn’t bare the pain of maintaining another Wordpress blog I simply stopped blogging. Almost.

Google+ was oh, so convinient, that I took it there for a while. That was until I realised a very tiny detail, which is that G+ does not offer an RSS feed of your posts. That’s. Not. Cool. Add to it the killing of Google Reader and I had basically enough. I think it’s important that we keep an open web.

But yeah, whatever. Loads of things have happened. Youview launched and with it over 2 years of work with Channel 4 (probably ustwo’s last Flash project ever), I spent over 1 year as a free spirit in the studio (gave me the opportunity to play with the real world), but most significantly I got heavily involved in testing automation. Yep yep.

I gave a talk at last year’s Digital Shoreditch (BDD, TDD and all that bollocks), landed a few commits into Calabash Android and I’ve now spent the last 3 months as a full time tester! But don’t worry, I’m not planning to fully switch. It’s a bit of an odd situation, so I took one for the team. In all fairness, I’m quite happy things have played out the way they have, the role of a tester definitely gives a developer a different point of view.

So that’s it for now, as you can see there’s a lot to do around here, although I might just leave the default Jekyll template, is not that bad is it? Best of all is that this is plain HTML hosted on Github, go hack that!

Anyway, see you soon : )


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