Juan Delgado

New role at ustwo

08 Jan 2015

So officially since last December I’m going from:

I am a developer, I make computers do stuff.


I am a developer, I make computers do stuff. I also help teams make computers do stuff.

What does it mean?

It means that I sit with teams and help them kick off projects. I sit with developers to be a second pair of eyes, someone with the time to bounce ideas off. I sit with teams to look at the rule book and help them apply it to the realities of real life projects. I help teams updating the rule book so we keep improving how we work.

I help the business team talk to current and prospective clients.

I represent the ustwo development team both internally and externally.

I help the development team hiring the right people.

I help keeping ustwo one of the best product studios in the world. A place where people come to do the work of their lives and clients come to define, build and take products to market. A place where both things happen with as little drama as possible.

I am massively grateful to everyone that helped me along the way.

I am thrilled.

I am scared.

I am fucking proud.

I am the new tech lead at ustwo London.

I am Juan Jappy Juan.


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