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Reaching out

26 Jul 2016

TL;DR: I would like to meet new people all over the world to talk about their journeys in the industry, digital products and software development.

Over a year ago I made a very conscious effort to stop following on Twitter people that were very much like me (white, man, cis, straight…) and started following people that were not. This was an attempt to broaden the information and views I get of the world and I can honestly say that it has definitely helped.

[Sorry, by the way, if you got caught in the cull, absolutely nothing personal. It’s just that I try to read the whole timeline so needed to limit the number of people I followed.]

But after a recent conversation with EzyJules and drawing inspiration from Carl Martin’s #thirtyNYC positive experience, I’ve decided to try and push the boundaries of my circle further by proactively seeking to meet people from all over the world, regardless of background or seniority.

What I’m after

What I’m NOT after

How it works

Interested? Get in touch at jd at juandelgado . es or ping me on @wadus on Twitter and we sort out something.

Can’t wait!

* Painfully aware of how priviliged it is for me to not just avoid, but encourage meeting strangers face to face without having to worry about my physical wellbeing. Sad world we live in.


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