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Stepping down

10 Jan 2017

I am stepping down as Head of Engineering of ustwo London.

Saving you the ugly details, mum’s health back in Madrid is not good to the point that I feel I need to be there. For her, for me, for my kids and the for the rest of my family. But let’s focus on the job at hand: we are immediately opening up the process to find my replacement.

Maybe stating the obvious, but ustwo is an awesome place to work.

We do amazing work for clients (Sky Kids, DeepMind, Google), we build products in partnership with industry experts (DICE, Moodnotes, PAUSE), non-profits (Wayfindr), we are incredibly open about what we do, how we work and our culture… And yes, we also did that game called Monument Valley. Not bad for an independent studio (we don’t belong to any bigger group, we are privately owned, we control our business).

We are a very inquisitive group of people, not really interested in just executing briefs, but in collaborating with our clients to find solutions to their business problems. And then build them.

The Head of Engineering role is a pretty key role in all of that. Swing by the official job ad for full details, but I can tell you that the main responsibilities are projects, ways of working and people. Always an interesting challenge in a multi-million pound digital studio expected to output utter quality on everything we do.

You also get to work side by side, learn from and be inspired by awesome people like Nicki Sprinz, Cara Bermingham, James Higgs, Adam Taylor, uhhhh Mills, Jess Tyrrell, Ume Pandya and many, many more.

Important to note that we are trying as hard as we can to put together a diverse list of candidates, hence actively encouraging people from underrepresented groups to apply. We take diversity and inclusion seriously (check our data and read more about our efforts in the ustwo blog). Note that previous experience managing engineers is a big bonus, but not a must.

This is going to be my #1 task until relocation sometime early March, so if you have any questions, interest or you would like to recommend someone, please reach out via email (juan ustwo com), Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you are up for it, please apply in Workable. And I would super super appreciate if you could share this with your network.

And what next for me? Still unclear and too early to share, but there are several interesting options, including staying at ustwo in a different role. I might also take a break from work.

Last, shout out to the whole of ustwo for the support, love, kindness and respect that everybody has shown. It’s at times like these where you really appreciate the true value of the company culture.



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